Based in Sheffield UK Hi-Lo manufacture and supply a range of precision manufactured equipment for gas welding.

The Hi-Lo range includes the unique Hi-Lo ANM nozzle for maximum oxy-acetylene welding safety.

All our products are tested and warranted to meet or exceed industry standards.

  • The Hi-Lo brand has manufacturing facilities based in York
  • Our plant uses state of the art CNC machines
  • We manufacture high quality cutting nozzles and brass fittings
  • Applications range from the fabrication shop to heavy steel mill equipment
  • Hi-Lo can supply standard gas welding and cutting equipment from our extensive stock
  • Special fittings can be provided for adapting non-standard equipment
  • We produce a wide range of steel works products including nozzles, heavy duty hoses and cutting/scarfing equipment.
  • In addition to our extensive range of nozzles we supply regulators, hand cutters, cutting machines, hoses and fittings, blowpipes, flow meters, bottle trolleys etc.
  • Hi-Lo can manufacture gas control panels and systems tailored to suit your individual needs.
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  • If you can't find exactly what you need please contact us by phone, email or using the enquiry form on the contact page